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MARMC Consultants realizes that every client’s business is unique just like every position within your organization. With this in mind, we have established a search process for each position. That can be summarized as follows: 


Getting to know our clients: 


We strive to develop a complete profile of your company, encompassing size, volume, and corporate structure as well as your company culture and market. MARMC Consultants maintains complete professionalism, strict confidentiality, and consistent communication while becoming a successful extension of your Human Resources Department or Staffing team. Time is one of our most valued resources we save you that time by sourcing and screening the most qualified and suited candidates for your available positions.


Position Profile:


MARMC Consultants ensures that we completely understand the description of the tangible areas. This includes salary, responsibilities, career progression, benefits, etc. as well as the intangible areas to determine the candidates’ profiles. We will thoroughly discuss these areas with you because it directly impacts the success of the search for a long-term placement. 


At MARMC Consultants:


For each position, we develop a search plan that includes utilizing our database, industry contacts, networking contacts, internet searches, and consistent research of “New” top performers within the specified industry. We are consistently sourcing candidates that are successful in their fields. Our goal is to effectively vet two or three qualified candidates to present to you.


MARMC pre-qualifies and determines the ideal candidate to present to you. We will verbally give you a description of their experience and education while ensuring the candidate’s confidentiality until there is interest on the client’s part. If there is interest, all other information, as well as a resume or career bio will be provided.


We will facilitate the interview process, debrief both the client and the candidate ensuring that all questions are answered and all information is shared. The candidate’s references will be checked and salary negotiated while ensuring that both the client and candidate are in agreement. Once the candidate accepts the offer, we periodically make contact with the candidate and client to confirm that all expectations have been satisfied.


We remain in the process:


We follow up once the candidate accepts the offer up to the start date and after to assure a successful start. Contact is made periodically with the client and candidate to confirm the candidate is the ideal match for the position.

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